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Finding the four letter word!


Life is a world of puzzles. We are in constant in search of each or the other things. Our lives are never satisfied. If we long for something and atlast we get it, we lost the beauty and interesting for this thing. Life is all aboht searching for  four letter word-love, faith, lost,  etc.

Why do we need this, isn’t our life fulfilled or is it just empty amd we constantly strive to fill it up. Our words are just around wavering thoughts searching for some constant and infinite which can never be attained. We constantly make ourselves unhappy and depressed due to in search of all this.

This words comes in bonds, bonds in part of people whom we are in contact with. We have demands in similarity with words. Love is something beyond the description of language. It is feeling that is shared. We constantly want to love and be loved back. The trust associated with it. This are like wide terms are intricately linked with each other and linked directly with our life. We relate our happiness and fill with these terms. Our life is just a world of dust that just goea back to itsef again. Those are just worldy affairs that we keep engage ourselves. But never try to think beyond this. Our life can be just more than some mere words, strive for more than those eartly things but of something celestial, something more heavenly.

So hpw far this search goes and what end products does it serves to us. Ends will either be happy or be sad. But how will you define it. This can be said as which some fulfilled or unfulfilled desires create in us. Our life is a never ending journey, explore it not just in some confinement but in open endedness. Life would be more pleasing and understandable by then.



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