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Faith Vs Hope

There is a very bleak line between faith and hope. In simple terms, faith is good for you and hope is dangerous. Before we go ahead in this discussion let us look at some structured sentences:
“I hope it does not rain today”
“It will not rain today”
“I hope I score well in the exam (If the faculty checks leniently)”
“I will score well in exams”
“I hope everything goes well”
“Everything will go as it should go”
“I hope he/she helps me”
“I can do it myself” or “he/she will definitely help me”
What is the difference between the pair of sentences mentioned above?
The first line of every pair except the last pair includes “hope” (I know, isn’t that obvious). The first kind of line is for the people with no wisdom. They do not believe in facts to arrive at conclusions. Every first line reflects an uncertainty about the speaker’s thoughts. The vision of the speaker is clouded and taking shelter around the words based on the hoax and false information. He/she is expecting without proper knowledge. Wisdom is not knowing the consequences. It is taking action based on knowledge irrespective of the consequences. Hope always goes with expectations with limited or no facts. The second sentence is more firm and speaks of the clear vision of the speaker. Merely, iterating “It will” won’t be any good without any prior facts. You know you haven’t studied well, then why are you expecting good marks. If you prepare well knowing that it had rained few times past week, you must carry an umbrella, then why risk it? Why hope then? Why expect then? If a rag-picker is working daily to pick rags from your streets and you pity him in the hope that someday his life will get better, how? Just tell me how? If you do not want to drive a car, you will not, period. Hope do not have the period. Faith period. Expectations are the result of hope without taking necessary action. Faith is nothing but the outcome of a prepared action taken considering the facts. Study hard, trust me you will get good marks. With hope, you can survive but with faith, you can live. Faith neither believes in past nor in future. It works in what I call the predictive present. The predictive present is so obvious, rather it is simple: You are thirsty, drink water. As simple as that. Based on simple facts faith predicts the predictive present. It depends on us how far we can extend the scope of our predictive present (ping me to know more);), what people call, the future.

So, is it easy to shift from hope to faith, Obviously not? You kidding me, it is like you do not know how to swim and wants to cross the English Channel. Discipline is what needs to switch to faith. Vice-versa is easy. Be lazy and do nothing. You have to work your ass off trust yourself. Trusting yourself is faith. Hope can give you momentarily calmness and satisfaction considering the fact deep down you know the outcome of your actions. Let us understand this with a real-life example.
In 2013 I have cleared my higher secondary examination (12th) and was waiting for my JEE-Mains* results. Referring to various solution keys from different institutes I have calculated my marks which were way below the cutoff. I knew it, that I am not going to make it any tier. Results were to be announced by 12 noon. I kept receiving calls from my dad asking whether the result is out or not. I already told my dad that my marks were too low to be qualified. I was 110% damn sure, I was not going to qualify, don’t worry I did not qualify it. My dad told me, “result isn’t out yet, maybe something good can happen. Let us wait, it’s not over until it’s over shit”. What this did was trigger a fake belief in me that something good can happen and made me turn a blind eye to the real shit. Fear was transformed into an unknown calmness and excitement. For one moment I was sure that I will clear the exam, I do not know why? What it did was, it escalated my expectations which came down faster than it went up. I remember it hit me like a dum-dum bullet. I knew I was not going to clear it, yet I decided to clear it mentally. So what really happened here, First I knew my results and was prepared for it, but just before the results I was again giving exam for clearing it(mentally) and I cleared it there. So when the results came out I was prepared for the physical assault but the mentally I did not prepare for it as I submerged the previous result with a fake one. What resulted is the mental failure of two results. First is the original one and next to the expectation one or we can say result based on fake hope. Failure of fake hope leads us to think we are of no good. No good can happen to me is a major concern after it gets perished. Hope with facts to support makes faith. Faith is based on results, not on a hoax.
There is a friend of me I used to take evening strolls with him. Always before a crucial entrance exam, he always asks me, “What do you think, is there any hope of clearing the exam?”. I always used to say to him, “I had faith in what I had done and practiced”. “There is the difference in faith and hope I used to explain to him giving a multitude of examples. Between the question asked and the answer, you can clearly distinguish between the thoughts of the speaker. First the question based on them without any knowledge and facts. What I recommend before gaining access to predictive present get your facts straight.


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