DILEMMA red Rubber Stamp over a white background.


Have you ever been in situations where you had the toughest decision of choosing between two things? It’s easy to choose when we have lot of options but how about choosing between just two? Maybe choosing between your best friend or your girlfriend? Choosing between staying with your mom or your dad?  To go against the wrong or to be blackmailed by the same? Or how about praying for the person to survive a brutal accident or to pray whether all the pain and suffering that, that person has to go through to end?

I remember when I was small and was told by my parents to pray for this one lady who suffered from blood cancer… she was at her 3rd stage and very rarely the person is alive during that stage, it took a lot of time for her, the medicines, the right doctors, the shifting of hospitals etc. the fact that she had a daughter who wasn’t prepared to see her mom go through so much, so much pain, that sorrow, every injection being pierced into her nerves, the blood that would go through all the tiny pipes with every liquid being flown into her body, not allowing her even to move an inch because the moment she did, it would cause excruciating pain not only to her body but as well as her soul…

There was a time where her child would come and see her, not do anything but just stare through the glass windows and the mother unfortunately helplessly couldn’t even look at her daughter in her eyes, because she somewhere knew that her daughter wasn’t that strong enough like how she was…

 With every hour that passed, days didn’t seem any longer, days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years… with that body being healthy to slowly every hair which was falling off  from her body, her blood wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be, her body became weak every day, her skin turned pale every hour and the doctors tried their best but even the husband somewhere knew the truth, that bitter truth that he isn’t going to see his wife home every time he came from work, that sight where he saw his wife holding his daughter in her arms or playing with her, the sight of her  reading story books every night to his daughter until she slept…

From “please pray for her so she can live” to “please pray that all the pain could go away all at once” it was difficult to choose… Life sometimes could get us where we would get so lost and give up. Maybe the heavens did answer everybody’s genuine prayer… the pain had left her body forever, the tears had left her eyes forever, the piercing marks faded away from her skin, and as al this left, she too had gone, of course leaving everybody in tears and sorrows and weeping and mourning but the fact that it’s over… she doesn’t have to suffer anymore, the race is over, she has won!  It’s been more than 6 years now that she is gone and as it is said ‘Time Heals’ it did heal… the daughter is all grown up to be so beautiful and kind at heart as gorgeous as her mother, the husband is settled and has moved on but is always reminded of her one and only Love of his life…


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