We have all grown up watching so many people and actually dreaming that one day we want to become like them or at least we always try something or the other ways of imitating them… For some, they could be known as “role models.” For some, it could be an actor or maybe the richest person that you would want to be like. But how about pretending to be like an adult or maybe actually acting like one while you are still a child?

I was once traveling somewhere and this girl caught my attention. She seemed to be maybe 6 years old, barefoot.  She was just an ordinary child who was selling pens for 5rs each, in a crowded place while it rained heavily in the evening. The moment I saw her, I realized that something was definitely wrong. She was small, cute, smart and yet innocent at heart. Something felt wrong because that’s not she was supposed to do. She was just like us, pretending to be someone whom she wasn’t. At the end aren’t we all they just same? Fact that she was trying to be an adult not just selling things and earn a living, but she was actually mastering the art of doing it just like adults, not with the innocence but shrewdly, not sweetly without any reason but actually having a strategy in doing something… She might be longing to be a real self but maybe the moment she was born she was told to be a pretender, to have an adult soul in that young body. Situations could take a person to another extent. From watching other children’s parents correcting them to actually taking care of her younger siblings while she was just 6 years old, she pretended. From watching how mothers would take vegetables from street vendors to actually cooking and burning her own hands at the age of just 6, she pretended. From watching how people buy medicines from shops to actually witnessing her own mother being sick and dying right in front of her just at the age of 6, she pretended. From kids singing songs on the streets and going back home after school to singing those same songs to her younger sibling while going to bed, she pretended. From seeing businessmen walking with their suitcases on the streets too, actually knowing how to argue with her customers and strategies to sell something in a better rate, she pretended.

So that’s what it is maybe for her. Maybe for her, not having something and sacrificing it to her family is more important to her. For her, maybe for her, pretending to be someone is more important than actually losing herself in searching to be herself. Maybe for her waiting for the perfect age for something to actually happen is not as important as doing things when in a dire situation.

Maybe for her, that’s way of living her life, pretending to be an adult at that young age…




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