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A little more close, with letters of feelings.


SMS, mails, post notifications are modern day way of engaging with our closed ones. Just a bit of time and you can talk thousands within minutes. Yes in today’s world we need to save time and make time for everything. But let’s think, or go back to the when technology had not been infused into our lives.

The times when letters where the source of connection. Although it used to take time a lot, but there was beauty in itself. The waiting was worth of everything. The curiousness, the longing, the love that people shared. Letters are like essence of the loved one we admire. Their writings Makes us feel closer to them the feeling which it carries with it. The beauty of letter writing cannot be matched with any modern day way of connection. It’s like the beauty of sunrise and sunset you wait to admire it, get lost with it, and admire it. Even the time it is received the moment of wait comes to an end but the end is beautiful like sunset.

Writing letters is a art loved by all. The smell of paper and ink on it, like the raindrops falling on the mud, don’t we all love that smell. We can never have enough of those and tend to re-read it every time. However far the distance might be we always feel closer and closer. This reminds me of an old Hindi song Pal Pal Dil ke pass tum rehti ho . The whole song shows the letters that the actress receives. It’s just so pleasing. Reading among blooms, under moonlight, with sounds of rain falling, that’s such love. All this cannot be matched by today’s advancements.

What is more important to notice is that during the time of letters the relationships where much more simple and sorted, be it love or family relations. People were happy much more in bonded relations. Relationships were lively, any distance would not affect much. But what we see today is that we need least time to connect to any person, but some there is a gap growing. The affection, love, bongs are lost. People tend to just talk for the sake of keeping a connection. Things have become much more formal, that connectedness is lost. Although we are realted we are the known strangers. The quality to express is becoming limited much day by day. Words are such which can toched and heal, but if you don’t know the art of using it, loses the beauty. It becomes dull, lack of life. Its more of a question answer section. Which could have been expressed beautifully with much beauty is limited to some closedness.

No doubt, advancements are good and we need it, but sometimes we should also keep some of old practice alive, there are some real beauty. In this busy world, take a Sunday visit some your beautiful place, we all have such place. Write a letter you will see you are much lost in words, the expressive way is much beautiful. The place, environment and the memory of our loved ones! Would not it be just a beautiful piece and the time when they will receive it, trust me, no costly gift can measure that happiness.

So whom are you writing !


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