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Solutions for hair problems for summer’s.


We all love our hair. We always want a healthy, bouncy and reduced hair fall. Day  to day our hairs goes though a lot of things. From chemical to heats. Dust n what not. All this damage our hair to a great extent and our hair loose its live and becomes dull. Here are some products which can be used apart from all the chemicals to make them healthy. The application of these twice a week is enough to get a healthy hair. And yes without spending lots of  bucks on it.

Allover- separate the gel or either make a paste . Apply this to your hair. This acts like a natural conditioner and gives you shinny and bouncy hair. It also treats dull hair.

Onions- This is best for the scalps itchiness. Make a paste of it and apply thoroughly to the scalps. This helps to reduce irritation and reduces hair fall.

Neem- Neem is a medical plant and a benefactor in treatment of lice in your hair. Make a paste or the juice which the leaves reduces and apply. This kills and prevents lice to grow at least for one year or so.

Meethi- heat some oil and drop some meethi seeds into it. Let it set for some time and massage this to your. Apply this when ever you have a oil massage, it helps in hair growth.

Lemon- this is fir dandruff problems. The citric acid treats the dandruff and lessen it. Please note if you start getting hair fall stop using it.

Hibiscus rosa- Both the leaves and flower is useful. Make a paste you can also add egg or alovera to it. Use to get get silky and tangled free hair.

All these products have no side effects. As these are directly from batire there are very less chances of having side effects. They contain all the vitamins and necessary things which we search for in the cosmetic products. Use these twice a week and feel the difference for yourself.


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