We have many beverages in this world.
One of the healthiest and revitalizing one is Green Tea.

Green tea. What does it actually click in your mind? Many think its healthy. Many say it’s for a balanced diet. Many say its refreshing.

Well from most of the TV commercials, we know that the common benefits of Green Tea are to lose weight. Apart from that, there are many other benefits where one should start intake of green tea, so as to have a healthy start to the day.

Just like coffee, the key nutrients in Green tea also make it to the final drink.

Highly packed with loaded antioxidants and nutrients, it has powerful effects on our body.

Majority of the benefits include -fat loss, Improved brain function, Lower risk of cancer.

Green Tea is a major commercial crop, being produced popularly in China and India.
Having the exact cool and humid climatic conditions, these 2 countries have a large cultivation of this crop. Once upon a time, Green tea was used as an ailment for many medicinal issues.

Having few similarities of coffee, it also helps in reducing risks of Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver problems.

Let’s have a detailed look at the health benefits of Green Tea.

Helps prevent cancer

Polyphenols in Tea have shown a decrease in tumor growth. It can also provide us help by protecting from harmful UV rays.

It’s also noticed that tea consuming countries have lower cancer rate. However, the exact mechanism for this medical effect is not found out yet.

Improves brain functioning

Do you know that Green tea also has caffeine?
So you know what effects coffee has, the same applies here, it makes you smarter.
Caffeine is a great stimulant and helps improve brain activity.

Reduced Mortality

Green tea drinker has a great notch of low mortality. Green tea, which contains catechins and polyphenolic compounds have reduced the risk of premature death ( especially from cardiovascular diseases).

Weight loss

Yes this being the major subject of Green tea, is a great sensation. It supports small and minimal weight loss. Yes, it also reduces the risks of obesity. How??? Green tea boosts up metabolism hence reducing belly fat other fat-related problems.

Reduces the risks of Type 2 diabetes

Here, Green tea brings a solution by improving insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. Hence risks of appearing for diabetes is deteriorated.

Fights Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases 


Our dear and near Green tea, not only protects our brain for a limited time period, but also till our old age. Alzheimer and Parkinsons being two common neurodegenerative diseases. Green tea having Bioactive compounds can reduce the risks of getting these diseases.

Improves dental health and lowers the risks of infections 

It inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses which are responsible for tooth decay and other dental problems. It also reduces the chances of getting tooth infections. Reduced bad breath, strong gums… etc, are the outputs of the catechins involved.

Inflammation and stroke

Studies have shown that has helped to provide cure to many skin ailments such as dullness, pigmentation till major ones like psoriasis.
Just like coffee, green tea also has the power to reduce strokes.

Helps fight cholesterol and Cardiovascular diseases 

Green tea has proven to reduce cardiovascular diseases to a maximum extent. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol that is LDL. Also protecting LDL from oxidation


Apart from other brain protectivity. Green tea has shown that it can enhance our brains cognitive functions, particularly our working memory.

Soo here as we saw, there are few similarities between coffee and green tea.
You may ask, they both must be same.
The thing is even though both of them has caffeine but the amount which is present in Green tea is comparatively really low.


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