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Little cities have much to offer, so does Gulbarga


We all know about every big and famous cities. Well that’s impressive, we know our places and has travel knowledge well. But how about those places which has no tourist attractions or any such. But those little lives has much to offer. It may be due to not being so called famous they don’t get the lime light. Still there are some places like if ypu say a name others might not know or even recognize it. Well, the very first question would be”where is it?”  Obviously. Fellas it exists in Earth, in the country you exist.

Today, here will provide a guide to one of those cities, in the state of Karnataka. Officially known as Kalaburgi.Gulbarga got its name from the Persian language in which gul means flower and bergmean leaf.  The city also known as Gulbarga falls in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. The language spoken in Kannada. If you travel from Bangalore it takes around 12 hours of journey and from Hyderabad it takes around 6 hours. This is a major city of north Karnataka and was umder Bahmani rule for a long time.The city is also known for its different styles of architecture and is quite popular among historians.It is called one of the Sufi cities having famous religious places.

The city provides a blasting food items which are unique in their own way. This places also have some of the places one might like to visit like Gulgarba fort, Khuwaja Bande nawas, Basaveswara temple, Budh city, you have one pf te central university set up central university of Karnataka and the haft gumbaz tomb. Although the place is small you have all religions people living quite peacefully there. Yes one thing is the city is much hot during summer. It has a dry whether with less amount of rainfall.

The city connects with other places like Maharashtra, Andhra, even Goa.

So why shouldn’t we explore this and such cities which may be little but witha hub of hearful and lively people out there, may be just because we didn’t know  or never bothered to know.


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