The human brain is a strange place. The complex ways in which it works makes it one of the most beautiful things in our world. The faculty of thinking, of brooding over matter related to and unrelated to us renders us powerful and makes us the most sophisticated beings on the planet. Thinking isn’t always something we decide to do. Mostly, the brain is at work all the time and it keeps going over matters in our subconscious. But sometimes, some of us resort to thinking consciously. Thinking consciously refers to letting the mind rest on subjects and surrounding itself with ideas.

As children, we all wonder. As we grow up, we let routine things make an impression over our minds and we begin to accept the reality as it is. We start following reason rather than learning to reason for ourselves. Is that how it is supposed to be? What happens when an adult begins to look over day to day thoughts that are supposed to be looked ‘into’? When we grow up, we get dragged into the monotonous. We wake up, we feed ourselves, we help others, we borrow opinions from various sources, we try to make a living and we chase all the basic needs. Somewhere, the basic need of thinking loses out.

Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in? A planet so densely populated with life, with the known and unknown, with mysteries of nature, of questions unanswered? So when people decide to forget to notice the irregularities for the settled facts, there is a sense of boredom that sets in. It is imperative to note that accepting things as they are without giving it a thought does not mean that we are settling for reason.

Reason is what the human society has largely based itself on. The human society, a confluence of beliefs, has had its share of ups and downs throughout history. Religions, dynasties and cultures have shaped the way people have evolved in the society. But the influence of reason has always had a stronger sense. The same reason that is a result of a certain set of thinking minds drives a whole group of brains to simply follow the reasons. That must be how leadership came into being.

All the development that we have seen over the centuries, it has come upon the back of ‘thinking’. If not for the first person who wondered about the nature of our existence, we’d never have understood its importance. If not for the first person who decided to think about the basic particle of matter, we would not have reached dizzying heights of physics. Had it not been for the one person who decided to decipher how the planet and the organisms came into being, we’d probably have never made theories about evolution. Not just the science that has driven us where we are today but even the studies into the human behaviour and the nature of collective well being has brought to us the concepts that we use today to marshal huge nations, international organisations and work out economics. The concepts of democracy, communism, socialism, systems of justice, etc., have been a result of careful thinking.

So the next time you read about philosophers, try to see how they made a huge difference to the world we live in. Be it Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Marx, Kant, Darwin or Freud, they’ve all been thinkers who have made a difference. Never stop wondering and never stop being surprised at the small things that have started to be taken for granted. We all as a society need to learn the art of thinking and keep growing towards better technology, science, lifestyle and humanity.




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