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How to handle EXAMINATION Stress

It is very common for students facing pre-exam stress. Beating about the Bush with the same old conventional habits doesn’t fetch any results to reduce the stress. So one should be careful enough to handle stress before taking an exam
Firstly prepare for the exam thoroughly. Just don’t keep yourself exhausted by thinking about how the paper comes and how you will attempt. Just be confident about yourself and leave the rest to almighty.
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Even though you don’t have sufficient time just write down the crux of the topic briefly or just close your eyes and revise in your mind. That’s enough. This leads to the information entering into your subconscious mind and you will never forget the concept in your lifetime.
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On the D-day just don’t get emotional by stressing yourself and fatigued by this stress. Stay cool and calm. Avoid having oily foods. If time is left before the exam revise thoroughly what you have learned till then. It is an absolute NO that you should not start a new topic touched till then.
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Before starting the exam close your eyes and meditate. Take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed or over tensed after reading the question paper. Just concentrate on reproducing whatever you learned. Don’t miss the key points in an answer. If you don’t know any answer just think about it or recall the class on that topic and using your intelligence write briefly the answer pertaining to the topic rather than stories. So by following all these methods, you may score more than that you are expecting. Good luck!!!


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