Home Guide Give your hair a more natural care.

Give your hair a more natural care.


We all love your hair. Specially healthy and long. We spend lot of money on it. But what happens is we don’t get what we desire. Instead the products we use somehow damage our hair. And all other products costs way too much of the organic items. So what we can do is prepare our natural products in home. This products work in a healthy way and treats your hair naturally.

Jojoba- The leaves and the flower are useful. But it depends on the type pf hair you have. To use this make paste of the leaves. Add alovera, egg and mix it well. Apply the paste to your hair keep it for and hour. Wash your hair. This will give you a shinny and tangle free hair.

Egg- This works as the best conditioner for hair. Break an egg, add lemon or honey to. This helps to lessen the smell of egg. Apply to hair and leave it to dry. Nxt day apply shampoo and wash thoughly to get the smell lessen.

Henna- This keeps your hair healthy. Instead of using those ready made heena for hairs, try this natural ones. Pluck some leaves and make a paste. Add an egg. Apply to your hair leave it for 1 n half hour. Don’t let it dry completely. Wash it off. After the hair runs dry apply oil and shampoo the next day. This natural application also let you have straight hair.

Curd- Take 4 spoon of curd, add honey and cinnamon. Make a paste and apply to ypur hair and scalp thoroughly. This lets you have a itch free scalp and smooth manageable hair.

These are some of the ways which you can have a natural care and natural hair, without using much of chemical products and spending much money on it. The use of this twice a week can give you a better hair through organic way.


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