It’s a pleasure when people come to visit our country.
Well, guess what, there was a special entry today.

South Korean President Moon Jae was being invited to our country for the inauguration. Unit of Samsung mobile factory.

The unit will have a capacity of fabricating 120 million phone year already ready 40 crore Indians own smartphones, said PM Modi

The world’s biggest mobile factory was launched in Noida near Delhi today Monday, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The unit will have a capacity of fabricating 120 million phones a year — ranging from low-end smartphones that cost under $100 to the company’s flagship S9 model.

It will build 10 million phones a month, 70 per cent of which will be earmarked for domestic usage.

Already 40 crore Indians own smartphones, 32 crore people use broadband, the Prime Minister said in his address at the event.

The 30 per cent phones for export will help place the country in the Global market, he added.

“This step today would lend pace to Make in India, apart from empowering citizens… This is a matter of pride for Uttar Pradesh and India,” said PM Modi, who has been pushing foreign firms to set up plants in the country.

Moreover, the president was also taken to Gandhi Bhavan to show our pasts and history which we had.

They took photos and also goodies from Bhavan as a token of remembrance from India and Gandhi Bhavan.
It indeed was an overwhelming visit for him.
Future details were thus discussed later.



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