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In any person’s life, I’m sure there came a time when he/she had to make a decision of living alone. Maybe didn’t have an opportunity but further may have… so here’s a question that how is it like to be alone? What are those things that a person undergoes when he is alone? Are there any changes that he /she make personally in his/her life?
We humans are designed in a way that we easily get adjusted to anything that comes our way. Well for some it might take years but for some a very few days. Hence for a person living in a joint family or even a nuclear family for years together would first find it extremely difficult to adjust to a completely new place, new surroundings and that too, being all alone.
Every patter that the person had,  changes. Now that person is more responsible because he knows that he is no more dependent on his mother or wife for cooking or cleaning up the house or even filling up bottles and keeping it in the fridge. From being woken up by his mother early in the morning, wherein the mother tries so hard for her son to get up, tries different options until he gets up. Maybe switch off the fans or sprinkle some water on his face or by switching on the lights or maybe yelling at him, to him getting up by himself with just that first alarm that rings on his phone he has changed.
From yelling out to his mom to get him something to drink while he was studying or doing some work, to realizing that he is all alone and making efforts to just make some tea for himself by taking that 10 mins break from his work, he has changed.  From wearing all the possible new clothes and  changing clothes at least  4 times a day because he knows that there was someone who would wash his clothes for him, to realizing that he cannot wear another pair of clothes until he has washed the previous day clothes, he has changed.  From spending on unnecessary things and demanding for some other better things from the mall because he knew that somebody in the house took care of all his expenses to now realizing and actually checking all the prices of what he has brought and removing all the unimporatant stuff from his trawley and keeping it back because now he has realised that he himself is responsible of how much money he is suppose to spend and on what, he has changed.
From keeping all the lights on in the previous house because he knew that the moment he stepped out, either his sister or his mother would enter his room and switch off the lights, to now keeping all the lights off, even to the point where now he rarely even has a habit to put on his room light, because by the time he comes home he is tired an again sulks in the feeling that he is alone.
Being alone helps a person to value things in a better way. It helps the person to appreciate the good times, the times with his family because he knows what happens when he is far away from home. He doesn’t spend much of his time on his phone when he returns back home because he knows that even when he is alone, his phone will be with him but his family won’t … He will learn to appreciate the food his mother cooks because he is tired of eating those packed noodles or the hotel food every now an then and actually missed his “mom ke haath ka khana” (moms home-made food), everytime he would go out with his family in a mall , he will always think twice before purchasing anything and his family will be shocked because he will now realist how fast money goes on things that’s not even important. This time he will be on his guard and make sure that everybody keeps their lights off because now he knows how much bill he has to pay and with the same amount he has to work it through the entire month.
His family will definitely find him weird and out of his mind but guess what? This all happened because he learnt how to stay alone. ultimately  this is what living alone does to a person…