Every year, whether it be in your school days, college days or university days; You always have a batch who guides you about everything from academics to canteen food, but they are not our teachers.

You have a batch with whom you share your deepest secrets, your happiness and sorrows and even your master plans, but they are not your friends.

They are something more than that, almost like your second family. You surprise them, You irritate them, You console them, You fight with them.

Yes they are your seniors,they are tour brothers and sisters and yes you share a unique bond with them.

After spending years with them,there comes a time where you feel nostalgic ,where you don’t want them to leave but then you have to let them go.

It’s a planned day, perfectly decorated so that they can have their “last but not the least ” memory.

Ok!balloons …..done!!! Food menu ……all set!!! Tables ….done!! Budget in hand . Now comes the tricky part,what about the gifts??


Frames and cups are soo done.Hmmm!!! Now what’s there to try something new.

Let me suggest few of the coolest stuffs you can give them.




Oops! I meant a decorated shoe box with different varieties of stuff like chocolates,greetings and other goodies.Yes pictures of your great adventures.


2)A potted plant

http://Martha Stewart

Yes,plants are a great attraction .Tag them,give it a name ans spread love.


3)Mason jars


http://It All Started With Paint

Give them filled with chocolates and cupcakes.Add in your own text ,fonts and pictures.Add glitters and let it shimmer.


4)A job kit


Give them a box full of stationary.Pens ,notepads and what not.And yes your letter of bidding them hastala vista.



http://Mon Cheri Bridals 

Various colours and themes to let go.Bring in the joy.


6)Awesome cosmetics

http://Winter Accessories Collage With Cosmetics And Clothes On White … 

Well you know what the guys and the gals need.Head on then troop!!


http://Healthy Hubb

Easy peasy and everybody loves it.


9) personalised gifts

http://Bespoke Foil Gifts

It may also include doormats,calenders ,towels and much more.


10)Amazon gift cards


Even after heavy thinking.If your likes may be their dislikes ,why not giff these.


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