What does it mean to be a boy or a girl?
We all are humans, Processing equal rights but are shown completely different.

When we were young, As children boys fall and hurt themselves and family members console them by saying “boys don’t cry, don’t cry”.

From here children believe in this and no matter how hard the situation falls apart, boys stop themselves by recalling themselves as boys and they don’t cry.
He so believes that crying is a sign of weakness. He feels it as shame and disgust.

“This is how girls should be &This is how boys should be “statements we have heard many and without even thinking, we accept and start believing that its how they should be.

Here we are fixing a stereotype. When people use categories with respect to race, religion and other backgrounds, they are using stereotypes.

Stereotypes stop us from looking at each person as a unique individual with their own qualities and skills that are different from others.

Stereotypes affect all of us they prevent us from doing or plan to start.

From the above example, not only boys but girls face a lot. We have lost half of our freedom with this so named tag #Stereotype.

Few of them are for our safety but then, it comes to our well-being society doesn’t accept what we need.

I guess our veil doesn’t get lifted. It’s not a big deal since we are achieving our rights slowly.
Yes aren’t we, yeah you all know its a very small and differential-difference.

Still, our future lies in our hands. Let’s break everything not the important ones and show that creating stereotypes is a prejudice.


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