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Understanding Diversity


Well look outside, let it be your home, playground, shopping mall….etc.You find thousands of people, does anybody look similar to you???

Everybody is different, different not only in their looks but also with respect to language, culture, religion and other backgrounds.

Why not consider your friends, even they are not similar to you. Consider other children of your age outside, some are playing outside while some are craving for food. Some are practising while some are searching for shelter.

Here we are not talking about the differences but about the inequality they face, where they are out of food, shelter and clothing. Another such example of inequality is the caste system.

Upon all these, even if you are different from each other we have friends, we have companions to look out for each other, we have people whom we can depend upon. Yet their differences won’t stop from the epic bond you share.

While he brings you ladoo and puts kumkum on your forehead, you present him with haleem and hug him with respect.


Diversity in India

Consider 2 extremes, let it be Kerala and Kashmir .kashmir being a snowy region has less scope for cultivation and has less rainfall.  People live on meat and other dairy items but when it comes to trading, people collect the Pashmina wool and trade them for money, basically produced from the sheep grazing in the hills.

Considering Kerala, which has fertile land and climate for crop cultivation, people basically feed on vegetables and rice. The spices are the major attraction for trading.

Both are geographically and culturally different, yet both are influenced by Chinese and Arab traders.

Religions became diverse because of their unique history. Diversity rose due to the intermixing of existing cultures.

“unity in diversity” coined by Jawaharlal Nehru says that India is not something viable from the outside but its something within the people of India of variety acknowledged.

India is a country of many diversities.We speak different languages, have various types of food and celebrate different festivals from the various religions we practice.

But actually, we do many things that are similar except that we do them In different ways.



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