Tips for a fresh intern

Internships have become a dire necessity in the information saturated world of the present day on the path to a full time paid employment. A fresh intern, in such a scenario, may encounter a myriad range of feelings from curiosity to anxiety.

Nonetheless, it is vitally important to remain confident about your skills that would help perform the assigned task. Quoting Bill Gates, “There is no short cut to success”, one has to undergo the hassles that hinder on the road to his/ her goal. Be serious, set your priorities, buckle up and head on.

1. Hardwork pays off- A diligent investment of ardent efforts leads to a constructive career-building procedure. Gaining insight into your field of work and consciously working hard will increase your proficiency and will also be productive for the company you are hired in.

Make your profile stand-out. Demonstrate your personality, passion and communication skills.

2. Time-management – To balance your tight-schedule, write your DOs for the week and deliver your work well before you meet the deadline. Hone your specific (for example- technical skills) and generic efficiencies (good communicator, team player, etc.). Request for feedbacks on your performances. Reach out to your supervisors, other co-workers and seniors seeking advice regarding your career-path and future-plans. It will be a matter of two months or a little more. It will be helpful to create a good impression within that short span of time.

3. Vigour to work-  A genuine interest in the task that you perform and the company you are hired in, plays a pivotal role. The learning experience must be taken care of with utmost seriousness. Irrespective of the pay, the internship should be treated like a real job. While you acquire knowledge and grow within it, you significantly contribute to the output of the company.

4. Self-sufficient, prudent and adept and an adept intern- Enthusiastically explore the ambitions of the recruiter and consistently update yourself with the recent initiatives that it looks forward to attain. Use your own unique skill-set to research independently instead of interrupting the seniors repeatedly. If you are confused and stuck up, walk ahead to engage in an open discussion with your mentor.

5. Don’t clutter- Maintain a focus. Devote your energies to a few pursuits and strive hard for excellence. A hyperventilating jack-of-all-trades cannot succeed.

6. Positive attitude- Integrate yourself into the team-culture of the company. Amicably blend with your colleagues, office-staff, etc. and be a part of the group. Don’t don over a lax and nonchalant attitude. Willingly ask questions to people and always find a scope to learn within the work-environment.

Tips for a new “content-writer” intern

Content-writing is a critical aspect of the internet and media. It is the face of your purpose and is rudimentary in seeking attention towards the purpose. A content has to be persuasive, authentic and identifiable to add value to your goals.

1. Habitual writing, editing and reading makes you an efficient content writer. Observe the variety of writings, opt your style, think and articulate with brevity and precision in line with the requirements of your company or organization.

2. Have a high command over English or the language that you write in. Create innovative and engaging content bringing into effect a detail-oriented yet lucid approach.

3. Merging the availability of what the company offers to the needs of the target audience is the task of the content-writers. A holistic understanding of the demands of the audience, offers by the company and usage of keywords, references, etc. is what the content writer should be aware of. A wise content writer should be able to place himself/ herself in the background and should be able to address the queries of what the readers anticipate.

4. A person who steps into a content-writing internship is automatically working with multiple departments and at different scales. Thus, he/she must be aware of the fundamentals of a good writing and should be able to address multiple needs- corporate, marketing, sales and column-writing among others.

5. Avoid creating polarised content. Your content must provide a balanced version of the situation and not inclined to one side.

No matter how fearless you are, being a first time intern can be scary and nerve-wracking. However, as long as the knack for learning is strong, I am sure you will reach great heights. All the best for the internship and the career ahead.


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