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Time :

people have no time to stare at a lady dance

but pass their time to enhance

time management is most important thing in life

those who don’t know this are standing on the edge of a knife. every thing happens for a reason but we can not view the vision. those who manage time in examinations are those who pursue success without any elimination .giving our valuable time to unknown and unnecessary people will definitely offers problems that aren’t simple. if you don’t know the value of time,ask yourself what have you done for the day and do a change not to repeat the same for the next day. wasting is not the good thing always but better use your time with better things.play games that show teamwork and personality.solve puzzles which make you to be an  intellectual one.write poetry remember the past,write something which you feel like,browse unknown and well-known things.spend time with your grand parents and parents.make time if you know how to use time.get interacted with strangers and acquaintance so that your communication skills will augment.time means Total or partial Involvement to be a Memory which helps in Educating yourself.nothing waits for us except the thought of change .ask the runners about time management to know its crucial role.

time the thing which is initiated for most of the things to educate every one.know the things in advance and explore those things at current scenario.

those who use time well are those who enjoy well might be professionally and personally.

finally don’t wait for anyone because no one is going to hold you till the end.do things by yourself maximum.if not possible and want to make things easier then get then help but don’t delay what you want to do.do the things at correct time and wastage of time means wastage of life.you will never get the past moment present.past is happened no body can change future is going to happen so nobody can stop it but present is in your hands so don’t let it go away from you.


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