From parents to teachers, everybody suggests you take a look at what public colleges provide you. From faculty to placements.
Their obsession with numbers and unbridled growth, many private universities have compromised on these.

Many public universities in India have been around for a long time and have built a legacy that continues to draw in students.


Quality education comes with a price. While the government subsidizes it at public universities, private ones offer a scholarship.
Banks also extend loans for higher education at private institutions that have good reputation and placement record.

But then private institutions have created too many barriers to enter ensure quality.
Requirements for academic infrastructure tend to be quantitative rather than qualitative.


It has encouraged those who are willing to bribe their way into setting up unscrupulous institutions that help to stash away bad money and dupe students.
Hence, higher education continues to churn out unemployable graduates every year.

On people perceiving private institutions as a money-making business. This thinking is rampant, but then still it happens and we fall for this trap thinking that there will be a rainbow behind every storm.

Still, let’s know what and how to secure still falling for a trap like that.


Ensure they students and teachers create a healthy environment in their classroom. This means curating student admissions, faculty recruitment and curriculum design.
Therefore simple steps like these can lead to a happy future step ahead.

In this context, one has to proactively support graduates to get the best jobs or go on for higher studies to the best institutions in the world.


So that’s the matter folks.
Privatisation is not wrong, but then when it comes with some defaults and defects, it can cost your career.
Think smart. Think big.
Discuss , it will lead you to a place where you have never been before.



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