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They have a story too!


So I frequently travel from Hyderabad to Guwahati during my semester breaks. I used to breaks in one or the another station and another connecting train from a station. So once I had from Bihar, Barawni station. It was the month of december due to fog the train delayed 10 hours. We were onto the train morning 5. After some hours of sleep woked up and was having tea. Everyone know train journey and transgender, you encounter a lot of them. standing by the door, suddenly saw a hijra(sorry for its use). For a moment I was scared but then, she came and asked me where I was going to. Slowly I felt relaxed talking to her. She was in beautiful blue saree. Talking to her, knew somethings which we may not ever face in life.

“You are lucky your father is letting you study. I too wanted to study. I like dancing but life never gave a chance. My family never treated me normal. They disowned me. I was in streets untill this community tooked me. I miss my family though they miss me. I was a shame for them. God was partial, even he disowned me. My dreams are just dreams you know.” Those words just made feel empathy towards them. Paeople who insults, taunts them have never seen life they have. We complain if we don’t get anything, but just for a moment think what they might have complains of.

Before humiliating anyone we should have the quality of human being to respect the other in terms of human not looking to which caste,gender, class etc they belong to. Everyone has their story not everyone knows them and not all stories are same


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