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The great Indian political circus


The great Indian political circus

28 December 2017

Come one, come all
To watch something you’ve probably never seen
Anywhere in the world at all,
The greatest political circus there’s ever been.

The opening act,now we proudly present
“We put the hippo in hypocrisy”
That I’m sure you’ll completely resent
And will want to shift your embassy

For, the star players of this act would be
The panel of ministers we elected with hope
Alas, we didn’t really foresee
That all of them will turn out a bunch of dope

Promises of betterment showered at poll time
And money showered on us till the last dime
Only to be forgotten right after
Much like every engineer’s sem 1 drafter

Streets unkempt unless during a festival
And yet we claim ourselves to be great
Only to be fooled each time by a minister’s arrival
And be reduced by them to a sorry state

Ohhhh yeah, we actively support soldiers
In the form of our statuses on WhatsApp and FB
But in reality we all display mere cold shoulders
Celebrating movie stars instead and letting the soldiers’ suffering be

Such is the sorry plight of the state
And our escapism for this would be fate
For, what else could be a better tool
To make the public a gullible fool

Here’s the next act for you
We proudly call it, “Misogyny”
Performed by men always, denying women the status that’s overdue
And the star of this act is the presumed act of proposing by kneeling on one’s knee

Infants silenced even before birth
Simply because of their gender
Not even allowed to prove their true worth
And the rebel is usually deemed offender

Reservations are thrusted to us as redressal
And rape culture freely promoted
Molestation has now become very casual
Crimes against humanity going less reported

I don’t know whom to hold responsible
For all the slut shaming and victim blaming,
Respect for the co-citizen is quoted in the Gita, Quran and Bible
Because, if I name one I’ll be sued for defaming

For the third act, I’m sure you would have guessed
What else, of course, but, “Corrupt hands”
Something that a million more haven’t confessed
For, they’ve got people for them who’d run these errands

What is even left yet pure
From high rated businessmen to low level bookies
There doesn’t seem to be any cure
To these incessant binamis and money transfer that’s tricky

Everywhere you see, there are cases of fraud
Dancing the pole on the parliament stage broad
As Forgery and deceit both ride a unicycle
Doing what they think is whimsical

At the rate they go, I’m really scared
The nation’s going to be sold off soon
Or at the least become seriously impaired
By democracy, something which we thought was a boon

Coming up, is the star act of all
Quite rightly named, “It’s all in the family”
Because, hey, my son’s handsome and tall
And so he has to be stocked with resources clammily

Deserving candidates’ position unfairly denied
And politicians’ sons and daughters put in their place
And decked from head to toe like a bride
Pitted against one another in the race

Presenting to you, act number five
“Media is just a chunk in my hive”
For nothing published is truly legitimate
Trustable news is going to be a dream at this rate

Media houses each owned by a politician
News twisted in their favour
The rest are merely a sore to your vision
Making you lose trust ever.

Completely and thoroughly manipulative
Distraction from an issue for them is an easy task
Gosh! I hardly believe anyone’s narrative
I don’t comprehend for what glory they bask

Here’s the final act of the day,
We call it “The death race”
Call it whatever else you may,
But it’s never going to change its ways.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right
It’s that final fight
Where even friends become foes,
And generations of spite arise from tiny rows

Polls which actually dance on poles
And money that is the main acrobat
Everywhere the smell of money rolls
Jumping up and down on into the shark pool flat.

Come one, come all, to witness this feat
It truly is a visual treat
Come and watch them slaughter us,
The citizens of the country, at the Great Indian political circus!
-Vaibavi Jayakumar


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