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Yes, your 12th board is over and the results have come splendidly good. The statistics have shown a good chart.

Now for people who are opting for Engineering let me talk about one of the main branches namely Mechanical.

Yes, the main part is all the branches of engineering have their respective roles and are important in one or the other way. No branch is greater or lesser, at the end you become capable of applying basic principles and handle your professional responsibilities.

Now for people who want to know what Mechanical is all about and for people who have already decided to take mechanical, let me give you a small gist.

Mechanical Engineering

Royal mech!!!

Mechanical Engineering is a multidisciplinary area of study that includes the study of Machinery, Machine tools, Processing Industries, Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Application of IT services.

Now, whatever college you have chosen or about to get in to pursue Mechanical Engineering, your 1st-year syllabus will be a common curriculum with respect to all branches.

From due course from 2nd year to 4th year, you will be dealing with core fundamentals, Material strengths,  manufacturing, Application of Data structures, computational methods, Machine design, Heat transfer, Finite element analysis, machine tools, Robotics and management. You also have lab sessions, practical sessions and open electives. Your last semester is allocated for an internship in the area of your choice.

Graduates generally get placed in companies like L&T, TATA motors, Mercedes Benz,  Mahindra, DRDO….and much more(since the list is a huge one).

Well, it is one of the versatile branches in Engineering and has a very good scope in it.

Pro tip

Engineering is phase mixture of both study and entertainment, it depends on you to choose the right one while one gives you pleasure and another gives you a pay worth a life to build upon.


Choose your branch upon your interest ,not on thinking about more placements ,more salary or on force by your parents.A t the end of the day,you are serving our nation and that should be done with full dedication. That won’t be the result if your salary, placement or parents words will do your job.

That’s It, folks !!!

Enjoy your holidays.


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