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Love at first SLICE!


love at first sight. Isn’t movies but yes possible. A hazy afternoon she lay on her bed thinking why life has become so boredom and she so lazy. Time passing from  one screen of social media to another. she remembers the time she walks down by the road, and he silently peeps through those transparent window. They both notices each other but never expressed. She to go there with friends waiting eagerly for him to come. He comes in red, yes, his love was definitely like a red red rose. It continued, she without noticing goes eats and comes back but with face having satisfaction and happy lines. it was 14 February everyone with their valentine. She was all idle, by evening she decided to visit there. never been so gear before. couples sitting everywhere. She sat alone. “ma’am your order.” said a firm voice. She has never been so delighted before. Yes in red, with tempting smell, covered in red box! the moment has arrived. She was sure she fell in love with the first slice! and today her lover for pizza was expressed. Never been so happy before, spend the day with her love that peeps to call her every day.

love has its way. Isn’t stomach is one of them!

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