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Famous astrologer Sundeep Kochar reveals how Palmistry can foretell your future


World famous astrologer Sundeep Kochar reckons that palmistry is an old form of divination that is more personal than tarot reading. According to him, a thorough palm reading can reveal what one has achieved in his life, and what lies ahead of him.


Palmistry can be very complicated and an average reader may not be able to figure out or address finger proportions and lengths. The specific facets of your personality can only be discovered by these proportions and lengths, so it is important that a reader has in-depth knowledge of palmistry.


One of the top 10 astrologers in India, Sundeep Kochar explains how it is done:


The life line


Lifeline is one of the major lines, which indicates our health and the path, which our life is going to take. However, it does not indicate when a person will die. The lifeline can grow or change depending on how we approach our health. The upward branches of lifeline may suggest positive changes, while downward branches may suggest negative deviations.


The head line


It is also one of the major lines and represents things like, intelligence, intuition and strength of will. It also represents general features like creativity, idealism, curiosity, depending on the structure of line. Accordingly to Sundeep Kochar, the headline indicates how you approach your decisions during the course of your life. A faint line indicates your struggle to remain focused, while a deeper line means that you possess a great memory.


The heart line


It is the third major line in palmistry. It not only predicts your romantic life, but also reveals how you deal with emotional matters related your friends, family and other people around you. A heart line starting from index finger reveals your satisfying approach towards love, while a line starting from middle finger reveals your selfishness, when it comes to love and affection. You tend to give a lot of thought to your loving relationship, if your line is deeper than usual. However, if the line is faint, it means you are uninterested in love.


The fate line


Some of the palm readers believe that the fate line never changes. However, Sundeep Kochar believes that the fate line keeps changing throughout life. It represents what may impact your path in life. The middle part of your hand may start to get itchy, if you are thinking about changing your job. A major loss may be indicated by breaks, while a double line may indicate a successful career.


The health line


If you are a natural care taker, you will have a visible health line, states Sundeep Kochar. The service professionals may also have a visible line, while a frayed line represents an illness that may come and go.




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