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Exam seasons are here! Boards and others, the day nightmares for students of any age group. This exams comes with full package  of nausea, losing interest, unnecessary diets, deep commitments with tension,stress, long vacation of sleeps, beauty dark circles and lot more. So why this phobia? This sort of instability occurs when a student comes to face realities and is constant depressed of their future. Fear of failure that might end many hopes, taunting of many.

Today, lets have some organic talks. Not of some depressed future but of future which you can create with an organic state of mind today. Believe in yourself, the first step towards and successive step. Clear concepts of what you learn. Never go for parrot learings, skill learning is always beneficial. In this competitive world don’t run for marks, yes to sime point its important but its okay if you don’t have 99%. When you go for an interview with marks ypu neend to a personality, smartness. Failures aren’t end of world, never loose hope. Hard work pays off everytime. And the last important thing you may be weak in a subject but when life takes test it won’t ask for subjects or syllabus.

 Learn, knowledge can never go waste. Be systematic, be determined!


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