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Cinemas and Television are meant and actually believed to entertain. Along with which these also creates images, impressions and also identities. Both cinemas and television are consumed largely, so, it has the immense power to mould ones opinions, decisions and understanding of the real world in dominant way. One is not born in Tabula Rasa; there exists fragmented and burred ideas in relation to Sexuality. The sexuality portrayed in both the Medias tends to create a world which is far from the real world and tend to affect the young growing mind (even of any person). “Get undressed, but be slim, good looking and tanned.”(Foucault 1980: 57). This exposure to sexuality might created never ending notions in regard to any person of the society.The paper deals with the representation women, sexuality in the bollywood mainstream movies. As women cover much of the population of the country, it becomes necessary to examine their portrayal in the entertainment sector. This also leads further to the growth of the existing hierarchical hegemonies, traditional, cultural stereotypes. The paper begins with a discussion on feminist approach to cinemas and also emphasis on gender, identity, sexuality with reference to feminist flim theory. The portrayal of reality is certainly from male point of view tends on analyzing how mainstream media(cinemas & television) defines women and sexuality stereotypes in construction of other. A section is devoted to the bollywood obsession with female body and objectification. In conclusion, a debate ensues that whether the representation of sexuality in mainstream is result of the subconscious enactment present through socialization inherit of patriarchal dominated society.


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