We often underestimate the power of little words or actions that indicate appreciation. From the time we are born, we thrive on them. Remember how after having a morsel of food, we waited for our parents to clap, like it was a big deal? We expect these at every step of our lives. No matter how old we get, we always have this tiny place in our subconscious mind for the appreciations. We keep growing as we keep getting them. However there could be a point in our life where we get used to them and stop putting an effort to perform better. That leads to our downfall.

Also, if instead of appreciations, we receive destructive criticism, there’s a possibility that we might go blank in life. These negative comments that we receive from others, is necessary to make ourselves better. It depends on us on how we need to react to them. We could let it affect us in a positive way or negative way. Let’s not make it bring us down. And no, you don’t stink!





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