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Dear Friend Who Knows Me Too Well


Dear Friend Who Knows Me Too Well,

My father once told me that words are easy to be shared because they seldom carry meaning in today’s world. It is the silence we share with people that speaks volumes about our comfort.

There are people in my life who I see, talk to and share time with, each and every day without fail.

They know my everyday habits and remember the sound of my walk too well. But most of them don’t come even close to the friendship I share with you.

Many people may be around for me, but it is your inbox that has veiled my weakest moments for me. I don’t have to worry about making small talk regarding the rains and the sunshine with you, because all my storms unfurl for you to calm.

We don’t have to catch up every night over phone. We don’t need to have a thousand pictures of each other on our phones. We might not know the other person’s routine by heart.

Every time you are hurt, you may not find me around with a pizza and a tub of chocolate ice cream, but I’ll be the one who’s ready to attend a 4 am call. Each time I take a leap of faith, I need you to nudge me one step forward. I know the tremble in your voice, I can sense the vibes through a virtual chat (I know this is creepy).

And when people ask me why this is one of the best relationships to have, I don’t know what to say. Would our friendship be stronger if we spent more time around?

I don’t know.

I do miss you at odd moments, but the fact that you are always a call away is hope enough. I am not fond of human interaction and you know that too well and yet, you’re one of those people I love to talk to.

With you, I find happiness. It doesn’t matter if I am far away for too long. I know it’ll feel the same.

Missing You,