We cannot help everybody, but everybody can help someone.

But when little steps can’t save the day, it up to the higher Authority to deal with.

When none helps, it isn’t our duty to sit quietly and look for a person to move the lead forward.
If you think we don’t have enough power to move a mob, we have the power to enlighten our friends and others about what’s right.

We do little to bring a big change.
But what if everybody does that in order to bring it up.

This strategy needs understanding why and for what cause we are fighting for.

But apparently, very few understand that.

A survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has ranked India as the world’s most dangerous country for women, ahead of Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. But is this really true?

The poll surveyed 548 experts on six different indices – healthcare, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual and non-sexual violence, and human trafficking.
They were first asked to name the five most dangerous countries in the list of 193 United Nations member states. And then they were asked to name the worst country in each of the above categories. India topped three – cultural traditions, sexual violence and human trafficking.

A similar poll seven years ago had ranked India fourth, with Afghanistan top of the list.

The new survey has been criticised in India, with many questioning how countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, which grant far fewer rights to women, managed to perform better.

Experts have interviewed the poll said India had topped the list then, so its misery, has done little to protect women since the controversial rape and murder of a young student in 2012 prompted widespread outrage and changes in the country’s rape laws.

“India has shown utter disregard and disrespect for women … rape, marital rapes, sexual assault and harassment, female infanticide has gone unabated,” is what most of we Indians say and yes is what the outside world say.

We say a lot, do a little until a hero comes up and open our minds and stays with us.

Our daily life has little to deal with the mishappenings outside. But giving our strength to support the right has a very big impact on the outside society.

We read. we hear, at the end we do nothing.
We feel, we repent and we debate.

Does that help??
Yes, of course, it helps our inner conscience.

It takes pride for our national daily to achieve the print of headlines as “India as a developed country” or “India switching the positions for malnutrition”.

But then, to our misery, the headlines are always being grabbed by a 4 letter word called Rape.

It strikes our mind for seconds and we forget it within seconds.
How, why???
I guess that’s because it hasn’t yet happened to us.

Few say it’s because of what girls wear.
Well, let me tell you,
considering great cosmopolitan cities like Las Vegas, Manhattan.etc have a modern lifestyle.

Why don’t things happen??

People have strong jurisdiction to keep them within their limits.

Here well, its a namesake yet, but when coming to function its a no.

The dressing has nothing to do with this, when we see good in everything, the world also tends to be good. Well, dresses ain’t a matter.

Then why do guys around us have this strong arousal of abuse and rape?

Before telling girls to be careful while going out, why don’t we ask guys to know what’s happening outside?
They take good care of their sisters and mothers.
Why not respect other women.

In addition, India has the most child brides in the world — around a third of all girls are married before their 18th birthday — and its own government estimated earlier this year that there are 63 million “missing” women in the country because of sex-selective abortion, as well as 21 million unwanted girls.

Reported rapes in India — 38,947 in 2016 — are on the rise, but its rate of rape per 100,000 people remains far lower than some Western countries, including the United States, which experts believe is in part due to years of fear and underreporting.

Think. Everything is in our hands.

Even if that doesn’t  work,  we have a new generation coming forth to put in danger.



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