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Which law do you think will punish us?


We are the law makers. Yes! we have each and every law to punish, fine or whatever necessary to take a lesser note on crime. But the one who is the rule maker is also the rule Breaker. Don’t you think so?

We  are those silent killers, whose report is with everyone but none to complain. So who are the victims? the decaying Earth, every life suffering, the deaths occurred, occurring and those will occur, the number of never ending problems. Aren’t they are the victims of our murderous act. Aren’t we are the most dangerous killers of time. We take lives, but there are no complains registered, nor any court where we will have cases against us. So, yes we are the most save creatures of time. We strive to punish whoever creates problems and commits crime, have we ever  thought of the fact that when we ourselves are the criminals, striving to punish others, irony of life!

We talk of sensibility, humanity, rationality. But how far do we use it. Each and every part of our nature and our environment are suffering because of us. In the run for everything modern  we have corrupted our own life. Along with the various other thing we never realize that we are equally and even more harming ourselves. The part of our environment dying in a time, we are also running closer to death but with little more sufferings. As it is said that, the hell and heaven both lies here itself, and so it does. Each and every day we are creating something or the other, extensively polluting the environment, using hazardous chemicals, we are dumping to ourselves some diseases, which might have no cure. We may not die instantly but a little day by day we are dying a slow and a more painful death.

You see nature has its own laws, its has its own way to punish us, how much we try, we cannot run away from our crimes and at end we all pay it, costing well, a way to much.



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