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Feminism: A word which we need to think about.


So the next time you tell me that, that gang rape was “unfortunate” and then proceed to blame the girl for “being out so late at night” in your very next sentence. The next time you ask her why, a girl who wears shorts outside but laugh adoringly at the boy who “plays in knickers” all day. The next time you shake your head and say, “Women don’t get equal pay, thanks to their ‘monthly issues’ and maternity leave, and this decreases their efficiency”. The next time you judge a women about her dressing and her cosmetics when you aren’t the one paying for them. The next time you’re outraged to hear about a girl being catcalled on the streets, and then pretend you didn’t notice, because, “why meddle”, when it happens a few meters away from you. The next time you declare that everyone should follow their heart, and then say women belong in the house, in the kitchen, in the same damn breath. The next time you give that superior laugh when a women mentions the word “feminism”, she will stand taller than she already is, and she will ask you things which, in the first place, never ought to have been asked. She will ask you why we’re raised in a world that teaches us not to get raped, instead of not to rape at all. She will ask you why you can’t respect another’s daughter, mother, sister, wife, when you’d want them to respect your own. She will ask you why, so readily, you dismiss this discrimination, as though swatting away a fly, when she knows that she can’t be the first one to ask questions like these. She will ask you why we tell our girls to be submissive, and tell our boys that they’ll get what they want anyway. She will ask you where in the world you’ve been looking, for you to say that the world doesn’t need feminism for it to be a better place. The next time you roll your eyes when she says she’s a feminist, she’ll walk up to you and raise her fist to pull out a dictionary, and tell you to look up the meaning of the word, and ask you why you aren’t one too.