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CBSE Class 12th Results


Much awaited day for over 11 lakh students arrived. Yes! You heard that right. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared the class 12th results for this year on its official website – www.cbse.nic.in on the 26th of May 2018, just a day before the IPL final. With over 11 lakh students appearing for the examination, approximately 83.01% of the students managed to clear the mark. Pass percentage for Trivandrum at 97.32% was the highest amongst all the states of India, followed by Chennai with 93.87%. The capital recorded a pass percentage of 89% and stood third amongst all the regions.

It was indeed one of the happiest days of her life as Meghna Srivastava,an arts student and a girl from a private school of Noida, Uttar Pradesh emerged as the All India CBSE rank holder with a whopping 99.8% . She managed to get an unbelievable score of 499 out of 500 which included a perfect 100 in Psychology, History, Geography and Economics and missing out by a mark only in English. Not only this, another UP girl Anoushka Chandra bagged the second position with 99.6% and Chahat Bodhraj from Rajasthan who got an incredible score of 497 out of 500 was declared as the third topper. She shared her position with 6 other candidates who scored the same marks belonging to different cities.

Talking not only about the first three toppers of this year being girls but overall as well the female candidates outshined boys as the pass percentage for them was 88.31% while for the boys it stood at 79.09%. Not only for Meghna’s parents ,but it was also a proud moment for a DTC bus driver and his wife as their son Prince Kumar,a student of an overall government school scored 485 marks out of 500 making it 97% in terms of percentage in the board examination thereby securing the first position in the science stream.

Well the story doesn’t end here rather it begins now as these results open a door of opportunities for pursuing their career for a thousands of students who scored beyond their expectations while it also shuts down for many who could not get it upto the mark. The CBSE results play a major role particularly for the commerce background candidates who wish to get admissions into the prestigious, the widely renowned Delhi University for their graduation. For the science stream students these results are the second criteria, the entrance exam results remain the first. However when combined with these results, board percentage also plays a role in determining their selection of colleges.

The result day was not only a happy day for Meghna or the other toppers ,it was also a disheartening day for those who could not live upto their expectations  or could not score well. There might be a lot of students who would have aimed for 96 or 97%  so that they can get admission into a renowned college for their further studies but unfortunately ended up on 86 or 87% .
It would have been a teary eyed moment for such students as their dream of pursuing graduation from a superb college ended here.

However my message to them is that your journey just doesn’t end here. 26th was the date which decided which college you can get into and in which you cannot. It was not the date which decided what you can do and what you cannot. Though you might not get an opportunity to be a part of an amazing college but surely in whichever college you go,with your dedication and hardwork you can excel in the field of academics and achieve great heights.

It’s not the college that decides who you’ll become in future, it’s your own efforts that you put in for getting the best out of yourself. It’s not that only the board toppers or the students with 97-98% achieve great heights even the average student can do very well provided he or she is dedicated and focused towards achieving their goals.
I hope my this message motivates all those who couldn’t do well. The world doesn’t end here guys there are still over a hundred options available for you all for choosing them as your career. All you have to do is to explore them and chose the one which not only satisfies your interests but is also a good option in taking it up as a career.


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