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A new reason for female foeticides

CNS-LIFE-GENDER -- Behind the scenes- the model of a fetus in the womb. On Mother's Day, one of the most startling broadcasts will be In the Womb on National Geographic Channel. Pictures of unborn infants are not new but this two-hour Brit documentary uses the latest in 3-D scanning technology to provide exceptional images of a baby girl from conception to birth. Her mouth opens, she swallows amniotic fluid, hiccups, learns innate reflexes when startled, seems to recognize familiar voices and music, selects a favourite thumb to suck (at 11 weeks), dreams (but of what?) and generally is awake about 10 per cent of the time. (CP PHOTO/ Alliance Atlantis/ HO) *Calgary Herald Merlin Archive* DATE PUBLISHED THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2005 DATE PUBLISHED THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2005 *Calgary Herald Merlin Archive*FOR CNS LIFE PACKAGE, APRIL 2, 2010

Earlier, in India most of the people were illiterate and the parents used to abort their girl child for several reasons and one of the major cause till date is Dowry System where the girl is seen as a  financial burden. But in today’s world women are proving themselves more fit for the society and their deeds are quite impressive. They are competing men in almost every field. Now a days, women and men are in equal levels, getting equal rights and equal opportunities. Women are free in today world to do almost everything according to their will now here is a question I want to ask,”are we?”

Previously, in India girls are forced to engage themselves in household activities instead of going to school. And now, almost all the parts of the country encourages women education. But,viewing the recent incidents women themselves feel insecure even at home. Yes,I am telling about the most common and harsh physical torture i.e, Rape.

Rape in India has become the most common news . Huge numbers of girls,women and even children are brutally raped and murdered across the Country.In every second,a girl is being raped.

If it continues, the day is not so far when ‘Rape’ i repeat ‘Rape’ will be the main reason to abort girl child.


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