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Sunga pitha, an Assamese delicacy.


Assam is a place where one can find a lot of unique food habits. Bihu is one of the famous festival celebrated and is also the Assamese New Year.  Sunga pitha is a special delicacy of the Assamese people of Assam. This is prepared during one of the three bihu, Magh Bihu. This name has its own speciality, Sunga means ‘tube of bamboo’ and pitha means ‘cake’. This is prepared the night before bihu which is called ‘uruka’ and the bihu is like incomplete without sunga pitha.

Now this delicacy is prepared with a very unique way. Even the kind of rice used in cooking is a special one. The rice is called Bora rice. This is a kind of sticky kind of rice which is cultivated during a time of year. The important fact about Assam is that it has like a number of rice which is cultivated in the state. And each rice is different and has a different taste and sometimes even smell.

So the Bora Rice is used for cooking this sunga pitha. The procedure is very simple. The rice has to be soaked in water overnight. Then you need bamboo tubes with a closed and with and open end. Put the rice into the tubes like one third of it and fill with water after each fits of rice you fill. Lastly close the ends with hay stuffed in it. Take some dried leaves, hay and put up a fire, make a stand where you can keep the bamboo tubes in a slanting away above the fire. Keep rolling and let each side cook thoroughly. Once the rice is cooked you get a aroma. Then cut the tubes and take the rice out basically which will be rolled shape. The best way to eat is to serve with curd. You can also take milk or cream with it and also either with sugar but perfect with jaggery.

Simple and heavenly taste. This was all about this assamese dish. Try out someday, it does taste good!


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