Yes, here we are having a major serious battle between

Idly -Sambar Vs Prawns Biriyani

Yes when it comes to south Indian foods, what does it click in peoples head, what do you think about?

All my friends say its spicy, yes few are but  most of them are not….trust me.

Ok ok back to idly vs biryani. You see one is plain, fair and silent while the other is spicy, strong  and violent.

When it comes to south Indian food it can be divided into two; healthy & diet friendly and delicious & spicy.

When it comes to the healthy ones, they use no oil or a bit of oil. They do not boil stuff and even If they do, they preserve it for later use. Steamed and perfectly cooked foods are rich in proteins and fibre.

On the other side, the lip-smacking ones are high-calorie content foods, which is why they are finger licking good. Kadais, Biriyanis and other curries are among this category. Butter chicken, tandoori, kebabs …….sorry now I can’t write up a hotel menu!!!

Now when it comes to this generation, where obesity is trying to be the superstar of the town. Let me suggest you healthy Indian foods.


Healthy Indian foods



Simple and silent, they are a great delicacy with sambar and coconut chutney.


A mixture of all the beneficial and protein giving ingredients, it adds a great taste for your morning start.

3) Indian lentils and pulses

They are a perfect combination for lunch. People heading for an afternoon work session, they add in a major energy count.They are a great combination with our beloved rice.

4) Paneer

At last, something other than milk. Making curries out them adds rich nutritional value to your day’s diet. Perfectly cooked and adding less amount of fat, helps to bind its vitamins together.

5) Lassi

When it comes to evening, snacks is a must want. Indian lassis bring in great taste and flavours and  wanted by many. They even lower your body heat.

6) chana chat

Chat…..masala???This contains a fresh blend of perfectly cooked chana and fresh cut veggies and nothing more than salt and lemon will boost you spirits yup.No need for a calorie check.

7)Indian Bread

Our bread like roti, parathas … etc have great fibre content and can be easily replaceable for dinner. With different curries to try on.

8) vegetable parathas

This goes on when you don’t want to eat you curries separately with parathas curd can also be an excellent companion.




So that’s it, we have different cuisines and dishes .Give it a try and yes Never replace your meals with junk food. Food is must and never ever waste them

Think about the farmers in crisis, unable to pay their loans, think about the weak and malnourished who won’t get a 3-time meal. We are lucky, so lucky and shouldn’t let it go waste.



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