Zomato and Swiggy are the most famous and talk of the town apps in the present food industry. Both of them aim at restaurant search and discovery including food delivery. A tough competition is existing as both of them offer a comprehensive service to its customers.

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Swiggy started delivering food from somewhere around 2014. It has become a sensation due to its services offered. This lead to bagging of 4 million orders per month increasing its vistas

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Zomato initiated its business activities in February 2015. Even though it was a late entrant it could rise to 3 million orders per month. From an external view, both Swiggy and Zomato seems the same but there are some functional differences between them.

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A unique feature of Swiggy is it has its own own set of delivery boys. They are provided with a smartphone and Swiggy App so that users can track their delivery status.

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Swiggy charges 18-20% commission from the restaurant tie-ups. To counter this Zomato has come up with Zero Commission policy. So these benefits are passed on to the customers by Zomato to increase its boundaries. Swiggy works on delivery perspective and Zomato works on restaurant perspective.

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Another feature of Swiggy is that there is no minimum order policy. The customer can order even for a sum of 50 rupees is accepted. Options of restaurants available are shown to the customer by Zomato by setting a radius from customers location while Swiggy filters on the basis delivery hub at one’s location and delivery men available.

Zomato or Swiggy
What’s the major difference?
Which one is the most popular one?
How does it differ?

Well both of them are online food ordering and delivery websites.
Now also available as apps for all kinds of software.

Now how can you differentiate?


Well, let’s learn about the tomato.
Is a restaurant search and delivery service founded in 2008 by Indian Entrepreneurs Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.

It now currently runs in 23 countries.
It provides information such as reviews on restaurants, including images of menus of restaurants which do not have their own the website.

It provides a user-friendly environment to perform the above tasks.
Every month Zomato gets 4 million users to their necessities.

Having hyperlocal advertising and account user preferences, Zomato has a huge scale business.
Zomato is now having 42,000 restaurants over12 major cities.


Now coming to Swiggy.
Is also a food ordering and delivery based company. Same as Zomato. Having major similarities, both of them run in high scale.
Being more of the fastest one , there has been a huge craze over it. Founded in 2015 by Entrepreneurs SriHarsha Majety, Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini.

Customers can now order their favourite food from their desired restaurants, be it at work or at home.

Here we can’t say which of them is the best.
For example, Let you and your friends order the same food from the same restaurant, all you get is the same food.

But then being high competitors have made them have many pros and cons.
For example, Swiggy charges 15-25% commission from restaurants while Zomato takes Zero.
Well then how can that be possible?
That’s how you beat the race.
Ever since that Swiggy has gone a bit low, but then Swiggy grabbed up faster by noticing that Zomato doesn’t don’t give much on delivery.

Flipping the coin now, they have now focused much on this stream and started doing well.
While most of the restaurants run for about 50-60% for Swiggy, the rest is being ruled by Zomato.

Well no matter how far the track is, these 2 competitors positions will always keep on fluctuating.

These online food delivering companies have been a big help to the small-scale restaurants and other recent startups.



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