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According to health experts, fast food hampers our health and is the major cause of health issues worldwide. Obesity has now become a pandemic and the prime cause of obesity is consumption of fast food or so-called junk food. Consumption of fast food is also said to cause cancer and other similar diseases. Most of the people developed countries are struggling with obesity. There are countries where recent induction of the culture of consuming fast food has given rise to obesity problem among the citizens at an alarming rate.

Obesity brings with itself other associated health issues. An obese person besides being overweight has the risk of contracting heart problem, back pain, suffers from shortness of breath etc. The high weight imposes stress on other internal organs and these organs can fail.

After knowing about the negative effects of fast food on human health, why do people opt for such food? This is because of the lifestyle fast-paced world. People do not get enough time to cook good healthy food.

What if I tell you that there is certain fast food that could be consumed without affecting our health. The people of Assam consume certain food that requires no cooking at all. There are like fast food but a healthier version of the modern fast food. These foods have been there for generations. A short list of these foods is as follows:

  1. Hurum
  2. Handoh
  3. Pitha guri
  4. Kumol Saul
  5. Sira/Shira etc…

These ethnic foods are made from rice as rice is the main crop of the state of Assam. The food mentioned above-mentioned food is made from rice. The best part is that oil is not used and they are mostly baked. They can be had with curd or milk with jaggery. They are a guilt-free indulgence for foodies. They are low in calorie and fat-free. Preparation requires no cooking at all. They are an excellent travel companion.

You can have it hot or cold and can add fat like butter or ghee if you want.

If you are visiting Assam, you should definitely try these ethereal foods.


  1. It’s true that fast food is causing major health issues these days so these authentic dishes come to rescue and are highly indulgent. Nice post!


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