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5 food habits to avoid for a healthy life



Everyone thinks that they are not affected by food habits and all that counts for a healthy life is that having good food. But it is a very false opinion and practices thinking that having quality food is enough for a healthy life. Even though the quality food is a prerequisite, our food habits are also of equal importance. So we should be careful with our daily food habits, also for a fit body and fit mind. Here are the five habits that you should avoid to ensure your health is stable.

1)Avoiding Breakfast

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Skipping a breakfast is a serious ill-practice. One may don’t know the consequences immediately but understands in the long run. According to a study child having breakfast are academically more excelled than those who are not having their breakfast. So however busy you are it is always best to start only after having breakfast

2)Late Night Eats

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Either having a less quantity of stuff or full of stomach it is not at all advisable of having food at night. The reason is our body cannot release digestive enzymes to digest our food. So this leads to storage of food as fat leading to increasing in weight and leading to obesity gradually. Even our mind becomes inactive and lazy decreasing our efficiency.

3)Having food while in other activities

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Eating food while watching T.V., cell phone, cooking and other related activities leads to lack of concentration in having food. The quantity taken might be more or maybe less leading to gaining weight and becoming thin respectively. So it is always to be ensured that concentrate on food and quit all other activities.

4)Avoid Junk Food

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Junk food contains all the unnecessary calories which prevent in becoming fit. It contains more fat and very dangerous for obese people and also oil content in these foods spoils the skin like increased pimples, acne, and other disorders. To avoid junk food as at the initial stage it is very difficult but follow a strict fitness regime and lowering it as much as possible is better

5) Drinking less water and more sodium levels in food

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At least 3-4 lots of water is necessary for staying as fit as a fiddle. So more and more water should be taken at regular intervals so that there is stable water content maintained in the body. Also, it should be carefully maintained that the sodium levels shouldn’t cross the required level. There are serious health repercussions due to sodium like B.P, bone weakness to name a few. So strictly avoid high levels of sodium in your diet.


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