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10 Health benefits of Ragi balls


Yes, ragi is one of the best sources of iron, fibre, proteins and even minerals.
Yes, it has a very wide application and has been used for ages.
Form medicinal to a healthy dish.

Let’s see the 10 benefits of having a Ragi ball.

1) Weight loss

As you all know, its rich in dietary fibre. It lowers blood sugar levels by activating insulin. Therefore you have much lesser possibilities of gaining more weight.

2) Fights Anemia

It has excellent iron content. For people who are suffering from Anemia and low haemoglobin levels.
Vitamin C tends to increase and help for absorption of iron. Hence it’s suggested taking ragi with citrus.

3) Flawless skin

Having a lot of proteins and number of Amino acids which helps lessen sagging, ageing and helps skins to rejuvenate periodically.

4) Diabetically friendly

As you already read, it helps to pull out insulin and controls blood sugar. It maintains digestive peace with its fibre properties which mainly lie in its seed coat(dietary fibres ).

5) Helps in Body Relaxation

It helps fight higher pressure levels, emotion levels and Insomnia. It’s rich in antioxidants and amino acids to keep your body calm and composed.

6) Rich in Calcium

Having a large calcium content. It helps in the bone building as well promoting bone strength.
100 gms of ragi contains 344 mg of calcium.

7) Helps in Thyroid Problems

It balances our thyroid gland. Reason why?
As you have read it deals with higher pressure and stress levels, considered to be one of the main reasons for Thyroid problems.

8) Reduces risk of stroke

It can help prevent blood pressure, cholesterol, hypertension and other stress-related problems. Therefore your body can function under normal conditions.

9)Helps in Digestion

Dietary fibres, normal bowel movement and prevention of constipation is observed in people who have a regular intake of Ragi. Therefore it helps in proper digestion.

10) Helps in Lactation

Gluten-free grain- Ragi helps in producing more milk. It also helps in the greater production of RBC’s and WBC’s. Helps ensure more nutritious feed for the baby.


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