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The vegan food lifestyle.


You know what the biggest food trend of the time is?

Must have definitely seen celerities making headlines for picking up a new food lifestyle.

Don’t know?

Let me get that easier to you. VEGANISM.

Veganism is the biggest food trend of this year according to an international food delivery hub. And they might actually be right. This is coming from a person who has turned and been vegetarian for almost two years now.

What is the difference between being a vegan and being a vegetarian?

Vegans eat only plant based food. They avoid animal products in any form be it milk, cheese, yoghurts. Vegetarians on the other hand don’t eat meat, fishes and eggs. They don’t avoid diary products.

Now that you know what the trend is about, let’s talk about WHY the trend? 

For most of us food has always been a source of immense pleasure for our taste buds, more than a source of nutrition. So considering that we haven’t even given upon junk food such as pizzas and burgers yet, why would people go onto cut out meat and diary and all the delicious food that we make out of it?

If this movement has actually persuaded a lot of people, it must have some strong reasons right? The reasons are actually many.

The most influential one I suppose is the health issue. Adopting a vegan diet has many health benefits.

When I made a decision of turning into a vegetarian, it was out of a personal choice, not as a part of any movement. Today, there are several posts on the internet on its health benefits and on celebrities  who are a part of this movement. When I told my decision to my family, they couldn’t believe that a person who loved meat cooked at home more than anything else, could quit it completely. If I knew that I was unknowingly a part of a big, universal transition, I could have convinced them better.

A vegan diet can make you loose fat faster and in a much easier way. And that what I believe has people more towards the plant based food diet, more than the general health benefits.

Let me enlist a few benefits-

  1. It reduces your cholesterol and fat levels.

  2. More nutritious packed food.

  3. Low risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, obesity, kidney stones, diabetes, cataract etc

As I said, the reasons are many. The other reason I think of is ethical reason. And that is one of the reason why I turned away from my previous meat diet.

The other day I was listening to my teacher in the class of Medical ethics, she talked about how we, the humans, believe that a human life is more important then any other life on earth. Sure, we might be the most intelligent right now. But undervaluing another life form created by nature sounds cruel right?

But if we look around ourselves, we will actually find this to be true. We have discriminated the animals, kept and protected the ones we like or think are useful. For others, we simply use them. We use them to make flattering leather and fur accessories. We use them for our endless medical researches. We use them to fill our stomachs.

I knew when I was 16 that someday I’ll stop eating meat. Why someday? Because when we grow up in a society which has completely accepted something as not wrong. And not only that, but when we grow up in a society which has made non veg so delicious and a part of our life, it becomes difficult to cut it all one day.

I took 2 years to make my mind. One day I didn’t eat it, and I never ate it again.

I don’t promote the lifestyle that I have chosen. I don’t ask anyone to stop eating non veg.

Although people ask me a lot times. They try to prove me that I’m wrong. They ask me things like, aren’t you killing plants by killing them? Over these two years I have developed enough patience to answer them. I simply smile and say, “No, like a fruit falls down by itself, my food will rot if not eaten. It won’t cry.”