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Taste travelling from Northeast to South India!


Food and me, ahh! an inseparable relationship. Travelling to a new place for purpose of study comes with much of emotional unstability, homesickness, missing your people around, and than there is your one favorite mom made dish you crave for! But, but, but! embrace yourself with positivity. New place, new people, explore, learn, travel and EAT!!! The best part. So a Assamese child went to study in Karnataka, okay, things weren’t easy much but by time everything was going great. So the best part I had a lot more food-quake zone. North Karnataka has their unique traditional food foods bashing into your stomach, you make never come out of food-giver!

Maddur Vada

this snack completely carries its name from the place Maddur. It has that bit of crispiness  and it goes like a bomb with coconut chutney! Well for Tea lover, just have as much as you can.

Set Dosa.

This is like  spongy and soft  kind of dosa. Okay don’t be afraid! Its one of popular breakfast of Karnataka and I had  them in my collage canteen its so tasteful. For Dosa lover its a must one. Served with a hot mixed curry and coconut chutney or peanut chutney.


Strange name! worry not, its Curd rice. curd is love and so is rice and here you have both, Heaven. This has a kind of chat-pata taste, king of sourness. After cooked, pomegranate  and grapes. This is usually served for lunch and also in temples and other occasions.

khara Avalakki

You have poha, than you have Kannada poha. This is a breakfast to make your stomach full. cooked with masalas, tomato, curry leaves and peanut served with raita or curd.

Green Gramme.

Okay as the name goes, it is actually the green cereal. This has such a beautiful aroma when served hot either with chapati or curd rice. This is healthy and yet tasty.

Mirchi Bhajji.

This is the most loved street snack. Its just a simple recipe the mirchi is dipped in besan batter and deep fried. Just a bit of back salt over it and bit of chutney. Hot and tasty at the same time.


This is a brinjal recipe. Brinjal being my personal favorite and this dish made me love it more altogether. Its cooked with various kind of masala and stuff. Forget how its cooked just Eat!

Rava idili

Idili is love and this Rava idili has this unique taste and burst of flavors. Served as breakfast again with chutney and sambar. Peeps, this is my personal favorite.

Mysore pak.

This flew right from Mysore palace and it loved and famous sweet of Karnataka. Any festive occasion would be incomplete without it. This delicay is made from ghee, gram flour, sugar and abit of cardamom.

Blurrpp! OOPS! Sorry writing about these heavenly dishes made me full yet hungry again. Fellas this list goes on and on. There are many more to be added to this list. You know whats the best part of travelling, yes people, memories, explore etc etc. but FOOD is what makes your travel complete! Isn’t it?

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