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Summers are the time for some healthy drinks.


Yes, those irritating days are here. You no longer feel fresh, energetic anymore. The constant heat and sweat makes your body tired and dull. You start you fresh in the morning but by the half day you lose all of your energy. Ofcorse we do carry our water bottles but apart from water there are some drinks which makes you feel fresh and retain some of the energy. Well those are the fruit juices which are abundance in summer. It’s a healthy advice to take juices as much as you can. During sweat your body looses much of the water and you get tired. Water keeps you from dehydration. But all this juices give you refreshment and the energy to do the half of the work. Avoid taking hot stuffs like coffee; I know that’s rude, coffee is love. But in middle of the hot afternoon taking a hot cup affects your body too.

There are lots of juices but try taking this particularly.

Lemon juice– this is a buster in heat. This gives you energy and sooths your body.  Also is simple to make. Slice a lemon and squeeze out the juice in a glass than add the rest amount of water to it. Take sugar if required or black salt, which is preferable. Well it’s done just simple as that.

Watermelon– this works like the amount you will take of water. Along with energy this also helps in dehydration and of a clear urine system. Cut into cubes and grind in juice mixer. Don’t add any amount of water to it. The fresher the better!

Sugarcane– this is a treatment for urine problems. This helps to keep the urine system in order and prevents from urine burning sensation. Take this juice either with a pinch of salt or sugar or drops of lemon. It is very much beneficial to your health.

Coconut water– this be all time favorite. Single coconuts water is very much helpful during summers. It helps in curing of, jaundice and summer related problems.

Lassi– well, I am not sure of everyone’s liking towards it. There are people who don’t much like milk and milk products. But those who does try it, it’s refreshing and also tasteful.

These are some. But you have any types of juices. Whatever you like take it, these are very much beneficial during summers. And once to take it, you yourself will feel the difference from your tiresomeness’. If you can’t take the fresh one, no worries, you have ready made ones take them. But don’t go for cokes and hot stuffs. So these are some, to keep yourself healthy and energetic during summers.


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