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Street Food-An emotion for youth


How you describe food now a days a basic necessity or something which is necessary for survival but if you see trough my eyes its an emotion.

Being in my twenties what I daily observe is  street food all around . Some mouth watering delicacies and hell lot of stuffs which can surely enlighten someones’s mood. Any ocasion, any function anywhere people always forget about the decoration but what stays is FooD.

Food plays a very important role but for youth street food is  a very major part of their lifestyle.Away from home when we crave something the easiest option is to just take the bike and no need of any hard searching cause we can find street vendors in every nook and corner of the city.Street food is not only mouth watering but cost effective too.

But street food is dangerous to health in many ways:

1.The hygiene of the food is compromised leading to diseases.

2.As it is exposed various external pollutants like dust, flies etc. it becomes unsuitable for consumption.

3. Food poisoning has become very common nowadays.

Apart from  these harmful effects people always prefer street food cause when it comes to taste youth never compromises. Therefore street food always remain one of the best option when it comes to food cravings cause its tasty, delicious ,mouth watering and most importantly its cheaper than other food items sold by various restaurants and food chains . Although the food chains remain one of the favorite option but when it comes on a daily basis street food is the best  suited option as it is cheap and also satisfy hunger.

Street food always stays as a backup when we crave for something. So apart from being a food lover Street food always stays  an emotion for a youth


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