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Lucknow’s Awadhi Cusine From My Eyes


Lucknow as known by the name of “Land of Nawabs” and also by the ” Awadhi Cusine” In the simple words Lucknow is the best place or paradise for the foodies if we talk about the street food we found biryani, kabab, tea, cola bhatura lassi Around the city and you smell the magic of food around the city. This city is one of the life-lines to those who love eating (Foodies). About Street food if we talk in India there are many cities and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is one of the best places for the foodies. Some places in Lucknow show the beautiful combination of old monuments and the food shows the Awadhi looks.

In chowk, the famous Galawati kabab or Galauti Kabab means melt on your tongue. This dish is the mixture of the ground meat and papaya by marinating and use of the spices beautifully increases its taste.

Tunday Kabab is the most important part of life if someone is non-vegetarian so he can’t control himself because such a delicious it is.

Nismish (Makkhan Malai, Chowk ki lassi and thandai) make you completely fresh in summers. Boti Kabab small pieces of meat marinate and after that, it is heated under the intense heat.

Paya ki Nahari lamb trotter broth, lucknowi payai ki Nahari is slowly cooked take around 5-6 hours and if you have not tasted in Lucknow you haven’t tasted best.

Lucknow Biryani This delicious dish directly from the Streets of the Lucknow in this the rice is cooked separately with the garden fresh spices and the chicken is marinated and both of then added together in right amount and flavour make the biryani bang on taste.

 Lucknow chaat If you have done your dinner and little bit space left in your stomach the best option is chaat so walk towards the Gol Darwaza and have some delicious chaat of Lucknow most of the cities can’t beat because its smell makes your mouth watery.

If you are a tea lover you must visit the Sharma tea stall. Lucknow is little. incomplete without the sharmaji shop here he has the best combination of the Chai, Bun-Makkhan and the samosa’s at novelty chauhra near Naza market Hazratganj.

 Mansa tea stall is also the best tea stall in the Aashiyana chahuraha Alambagh is also very famous tea stall and had many options for the peoples like they want to have a normal or a green tea and also he had the combination of the Bun- Makkah.

Idrish ki biryani shows the royalty of the Lucknow the recipe of biryani is almost half a century old and there is no change in the flavour the biryani seems to be very similar to all the surrounding but when you eat you will get the real difference in the flavour and the aroma of the dish.

Malai ki gilori it is the sweetest and the softest sweet if u just out it in your mouth u must say that so soft it takes second to melt

There are many more best places to go for but these are the places if you are in Lucknow you must try these dishes and you will exactly know by your self why Lucknow is known as Awadhi Cusine and there are some best places to visit also like Bada Imambara, Chota Imambara, Ganta Ghar, Rumi Darwaza, these places are showing old Lucknow and Eco Garden, River front, Janashwer Mishra are modern Lucknow.

Hope you like the places and the food if you are foody

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