Home Cook Do your favorite bars serve them?

Do your favorite bars serve them?


Drinks! What comes to mind is of course the classic wine, scotch and list goes on. Ever thought how the traditional drinks taste of. Northeast, well has lot of them. Assam one of northeast states has some traditional drinks of own. This drinks are usually made from rice fermentation. Prepared in traditional way, this are enough to give that kick which a Russian vodka gives you.


This is life of mushing people of Assam. Apong is rice beer. This comes in types which has both different taste and color due to different way of preparing. But both are prepared by rice fermentation. The nogin apong is white in color while the poor apong is dark in color. This are relishing when consumed with smoked pork or chicken.


This is usually prepared by the Dimasa people of Assam. This is rice wine, tastes somewhat like honey. Its color is slight yellowish. A special variety of rice is used for its making. Here the rice is cooked and barks of tree. This needs quite a time to be prepared. It is also believed that the dimasa people administer this wine to new born to protect them from any kind of evil.


This is prepared by the ahoms and served in brass vessels. Well, prepared from rice fermentation along with herbs. This forms a part of every celebration, small gatherings. The best to drink it with is smoked duck, pork or chicken.

These are few which you won’t get in any of bars. Visit Assam and get yourself this unique flavor drinks not served on one’s favourite bars. Well, hangovers with little bit of health concerns are never deniable.


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