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Assam greenry its landscape and heavenly relishing is its food!



Assam one among the states of Northeast India. it beautifully dwells in the south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and the Barak river valleys. The cuisines are mouth watering. Unique in their style and way of cooking each of this have their taste, aroma and way of cooking will directly make you what heaven feels like. No worries if you aren’t sure what might turn up when you order something!  Presenting you some of the dishes which one might surely have to taste with your visit to Assam. so lets take some foodie ride!


unique of its kind, having the taste and also medicinal uses. this dish with made either with vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes served along with rice. the items from which it is prepared are raw papaya, lentils, taro and this is passed through dried banana leaves. the outcome product has dark color liquid and relishing aroma.

Aloo pitika(smashed potato)

Usually called the “comfort food” . This can be coked two ways either by cooking it over charcoal which dives it a smoky and unique fried kind of smell and taste and secondly by boiling the potatoes and mixing chopped onions, raw mustard oil, coriander leaves, green chilies. although simple in its way of cooking, this is saviour for the people during any boring kind of food. And potato lovers, its a jackpot!


This dish is just everything one can ever imagine! it requires time and dedication to cook properly. usually liked to be eaten with Ash gourd. but its has versatile ways with which it can be cooked from lentils to veggies, fry to smoked. It is usually cooked during  festive occasions. That one bite, juicy flavors bursting inside your mouth.. ummmm ummmm.

Baanh Gagor(Bamboo shoots)

when you go through streets and you get a refreshing aroma, just know it, its Bamboo shoot cooked for lunch. now this can be eaten in number of ways. Best is Chicken with Bamboo shoot trust me you won’t be disappointed. Bamboo shoot salad with onions chilies and little bit of mustard oil, the taste is just speechless. You can also have bamboo shoot fries!

Masor Tenga(tangy fish curry)

To all the Fish lovers out there! Add this to your bucket list. This dish is made with all the tangy items, be it sour tomatoes, ou tenga(elephant ear) lemon. although made of entirely sour yet its a relishing dish on one’s plate. the items are cooked and made the broth by lastly adding half fried fish or sometimes raw fish, kept it simmer until the fish absorbs the broth and becomes soft.

Bora chaul(sticky rice)

rice is the staple food of Assam. but it has various unique rice which are cultivated. This rice is favorite of all generation! cook the rice in pressure cooker, you will have a sticky one and a tempting aroma, Ah! This is consumed either with curd, milk or any kind of lentil curry even with non vegetarian dishes.  this is not the end, even sweet items are made from this rice after in grinded , Bor pitha, Khula pitha are some.

Mati maah (black lentils)

this dish is like Sambar for South Indians. the lentials are soaked over night to soften. and its very easy to cook. put it over pressure cooker than add a tarka with garlic and red chili. serve by side of rice. its that things that is never cooked little. Your stomach would take more and more of it!  Also be cooked with khar and also famously eaten with pigeon meat.

This are some relishing dishes which you must explore and eat when you are planning your trip to Assam, its not only the places, people but also food which adds to a great gift to your memories!


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