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A cup of organic tea from Assam.


Most of the people might be aware of the fact that, Assam contributes a major part to the country’s tea production. Assam, the land of hills and valleys is well known for its large production of tea. It has a unique blend of color a strong taste different from all other productions. Even the tea growing estates are divided into two- the Assam valley and the cachar. This is mainly due to the physiography and the quality.

There is  a group of small scale tea growers and organic tea manufacturers from Assam which is known as the Assamica Agro. This provides the best handpicked organic tea that is prepared. They provide you tea which is grown without any sort of chemicals which is fully organic. It truly maintains that taste and richness in its tea. What makes this Assamica well known is the traditional way of cultivating tea which are environment friendly and is healthy for health and Earth too. The organic tea is produced without the use of and chemicals or fertilizers and always depends of traditional ways to grow plants. The methods used are the cow dung which acts as natural fertilizers and urine which keeps the insects away. Another is that when you visit any tea estate in Assam you will find  neem tress grown in middle of it to keep insects away while weeding is done manually to avoid the need for herbicides. Again the plant materials are mixed with cow dung to retain the quality of the organic fertilizer.  In the organic  tea  making process every leaf is picked by hand, and the leaves that will be used to produce the organic Assam green tea are boiled and then roasted in a traditional Indian fry pan and finally dried under the sun to craft a distinctive taste and flavor.

This Assamica argo provides some of the finest organic tea. They provide services in every part, even they have a online delivery process. The tea are send to every part. Apart from growing organically they also tend to provide it in less cost as possible. Currently they provide two types of organic tea- loose leaf organic Assam tea and loose leaf organic green tea.

Grab the opportunity and take a sip of this amazing tea. Order your Cup now.




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