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India’s no 1 online payments mobile app


A general question that comes into minds of people, more precisely that class which is unaware of technology is that how digital payments are to be made? Present youth undoubtedly say its Paytm. This app has become the talk of the town during demonetization and digitization of transactions. There are certain attributes of the app which made it a standout among all other apps available.

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Frankly speaking, the main reason behind paytm success is that once after signing up, all the bank accounts are linked to it. In general if you want to lend some money or you require money to buy goods or commodities you can just transfer the money using the account numbers and scanning the QR codes. So by this way easy money transfer path is made available leading to a thumping success.

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This is not the end but the beginning. Then it started paytm mall. This offers service similar to online shopping. So as already money is available in paytm itself it gives additional offers to customers. Not only this movie tickets, books groceries and want not all are available through paytm. Another essential reason is that many offers are given during movie ticket booking and also in restaurants too.

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So  all these factors added up giving Paytm India’s no 1 position in online payments through mobile app. Hence these are the services offered by Paytm to potential customers ensuring safe transactions and promoting digital payments.


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