FLAT…….FIT….ABS  everybody in today’s scenario have their  own fitness goals but more than a fitness goal it has turned out to be a million dollar industry as  numerous dieticians , gyms and well as fitness centres have made their entry , but the question arises that   IS IT REALLY MAKING PEORPLE LOOSE THEIR BODY WEIGHT OR THEIR POCKEGT WEIGHT ?   the answer is quite simple and we all know as we have been trying out different kinds of diets  KETO DIET, MICROBIOTIC DIET, PROBIOTIC DIET and many more but nothing has helped us in achieving out fitness goal because fitness goal has nothing to do with the body weight or abs it’s about the core strength and as the matter of fact that you should stay away from diseases like  blood pressure , diabetes or any other for that sake , but these days fitness comprises of the fact that which size of clothing you r wearing right now   medium is taken as fatty and small is taken as above average because everybody aims to achieve extra small size and 24 or 26 waist size  and  in this burning  social media active world people are following and copying celebrities with closed without remembering the fact that being in a certain shape or size is part of their profession and for achieving their career goals they are doing so but people from civil world are  torturing themselves because they want to be as thin or they want to get into a dress or specially because marriage or an important function is coming close  , if your life partner cant accept you with flaws then he or she should wait for god to be his partner because no human being is born perfect and  to people who are slim are now  stuffing themselves  WITH  PROTEIN POWDER IN ORDER TO BUUILD UP MUSCELS only because their favourite trainer has told them to do so .


One should realise the fact that buy buying exotic fruits and vegetables no body  can get fit the only silver lining is  that this industry has also contributed to the economy and employment.

People should only remember the fact that any gym or any fitness centre who are claiming that they make you  fit by massaging numerous oils is never going to happen I can tell you by my real life experience  I contacted a very reputed dietician who had great result in terms of making people very skinny in very short span of time I paid around 12k for some months and the diet what she gave me was next to disaster and it costed me like 20-30k  because following a diet not only includes paying the dietician it also includes food which she asks you buy I was quinoa , maple syrup , green tea ,  different sorts of oats, tofu  and the list is very long cut short I can tell you the result I lost 4 kg in 3 months but the moment I came on my regular diet I regained the weight when  I contacted my doctor she said that what I weight I lost mas muscle loss not fat fat loss that is why I regained so fast .

So I want to say please don’t starve yourself please don’t throw your hard earned money there are much easier way to loose weight by eating normal local healthy food and by brisk walking.!!!



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