How many times has jewellery come to your rescue when you are in trouble for your outfits? How many times have you thanked your meticulously collected jewelry when they upgrade your look with the least of efforts? It is a simple story. Just like a best friend makes everything better for us in our life, jewellery makes everything better for our fashion and saves our day.

Jewellery, the first accessory
An unending list of accessories would make into a list of any girl’s ‘must haves’. But the most important position would go to jewellery. No matter how perfect your dress is, if not highlighted with a complementing piece of jewellery, the look remains incomplete. Fashion is all about making one’s own statement. Jewellery sets you apart from the rest by making your personality shine through.

Story over the centuries
The diversity and history of jewellery is gigantic. Since time immemorial, women as well as men have come up with jewellery and flaunted them. Ancient civilisations that existed thousands of years ago or nomads living in the forests and valleys, everyone has been a part of the big jewellery story. Egyptian jewellery, roman jewellery, greek jewellery and jewellery from many ancient civilisations have been found and preserved in museums all over the world.

Flaunting cultures
Not only is the jewellery a strong component of any outfit but it also propagates cultures. Jewellery originates from cultures and different ethnicities have their own kind of local jewellery. For a bohemian look, one can simply add a dash of bohemian jewellery to a simple outfit. Jewellery also serves the purpose of religious statements.

The unending list
The basics of jewellery include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, nose rings, finger rings and anklets. Apart from this, there can be a huge list of jewellery as well that are not mainstream. Jewellery is so diverse today that there is something for everybody. There is a large number of choices when it comes to material as well as gemstones. To cater to the taste of consumers and fashion enthusiasts, designers are coming up with new designs every season.

Making the choice
Just like one chooses a best friend cautiously, choosing jewellery can be a little difficult for girls. In order to be able to opt the right piece, one must know what works for them. The occasion, the outfit, the time of the day, the budget and many more criteria have to be checked before investing in jewellery.

Trending tricks
The latest fad in jewellery currently is statement jewellery. Statement jewellery is any jewellery that stands out distinctively. It could be anything ranging from a loud necklace to a bright cuff. Uncut stones and big gems are also in popular demand. Chokers have been in the limelight since some time now. More recently, longer neck pieces have made an appearance in the runway. Ear cuffs have been extensively popular among youngsters.

The roots and the love
In India, no function is complete without the sparkle of jewellery. Girls grow up with a very close relationship to jewellery, watching mothers and grandmothers adorn beautiful pieces. There is an instinctive love towards jewellery and marriage brings about the grand occasion where the Indian bride flaunts the carefully put together collection of heirloom pieces as well as new additions. The intricacies of traditional Indian jewelry are unmatched. The royal jewellery collections are one of the most prized and precious throughout the world.

Jewellery is indeed that friend of a girl who lives with her to experience all of her emotions and strength. And if need be, jewellery will stand by a girl in distress just like Sita’s did. When she was kidnapped by Ravana, she dropped her jewellery on the way and hence Ram was able to trail her path and ultimately save her.


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